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 PictureScreen Name Loan TypeLoan amount Loan Intrest Loan Period Loan ReasonProv Listing Date Action
narenPersonal Loan3000018,0060 Monthsi am discharged in sept 2009ON19.07.2010 13:00:47
TR820Personal Loan70003,0012 MonthsLooking for a Personal Loan.ON19.07.2010 09:47:59
Regular Listings    
PictureScreen NameLoan TypeLoan AmountLoan InterestLoan PeriodLoan ReasonProvListing DateAction
CAPTAINMBMCar Loan1000010,0024 Monthsneed to buy a carON19.07.2010
ez_quincy1Car Loan1000015,0012 MonthsLooking for a personal loan.ON12.07.2010
jrCar Loan200006,0048 MonthsSelf Employed after left last company. Started Firm. No home collateral, and have paid off 2 BMW Finance loans in the past. ON12.07.2010
handreneCar Loan2000010,0060 MonthsLooking for a Car LoanON8.07.2010
candissj2000Car Loan550015,0036 Monthslooking to purchase a new vehicleON7.07.2010
crush1950Car Loan200015,0048 MonthsI am on osdp pension a fixed garanteed income.The payments are garanteed per month.I have a pizza delivery job waiting,to make more income.ON4.07.2010
carloCar Loan100005,0048 MonthsHi there I'm going to used the money to buy a car and pay off some of my bills.ON10.06.2010
Brianna_buttlerCar Loan50006,0024 Months ON9.06.2010
raypicanoCar Loan80004,0036 Monthsim looking for $8000 over 3 years with the lowest rate i can get i own a courier company and we need another vechicle ON9.06.2010
MugenCar Loan70008,0060 MonthsWill be discharged in December 2010ON9.06.2010
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