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 PictureScreen Name Loan TypeLoan amount Loan Intrest Loan Period Loan ReasonProv Listing Date Action
narenPersonal Loan3000018,0060 Monthsi am discharged in sept 2009ON19.07.2010 13:00:47
TR820Personal Loan70003,0012 MonthsLooking for a Personal Loan.ON19.07.2010 09:47:59
Regular Listings    
PictureScreen NameLoan TypeLoan AmountLoan InterestLoan PeriodLoan ReasonProvListing DateAction
CheaploanPersonal Loan300015,0024 MonthsLooking for a loan as soon as possible. I have a High interest loan of 45 % That I took in an emergency situation that i'm trying to pay off with a lower interest rate because most of the money goes to the interest. ON23.11.2017
RettaPersonal Loan25008,0036 MonthsDentalFL23.11.2017
HleePersonal Loan3000020,0024 MonthsCurrent income year to date 2017 $1,180,000ON23.11.2017
MegiezPersonal Loan70001900,0060 MonthsHoping to pay off some bills. ON15.11.2017
Jada lunaPersonal Loan1000050,0048 MonthsI'm in need of a personal loan I got hurt at work last year and my girlfriend got laid off now we r both back working and r looking for a hand up so we can get back on r feet and back on track we r very good people and would like a chance to get back to where we were last year thanks in advance ON13.11.2017
JWrightPersonal Loan50020,0012 MonthsI despratly need this loan to get my children winter gear.BC13.11.2017
MissJohnsonEducation Loan50002,006 YearsI want to go back to school and get my degree, so I can open my own cleaning business. I make 2700 a month right now, I would like to make a monthly payment once a month. BC11.11.2017
RickysixtyPersonal Loan400010,0036 MonthsIM reliable lender:)AB6.11.2017
BAIDAPersonal Loan800020,0012 MonthsDesperately need loan for medical emergency. Willing to pay back with higher interest rate.ON1.11.2017
TLJPersonal Loan500030,0036 MonthsHello I am asking for a short term loan as I recently lost my full time job. I have secured a new full time job starting Nov 6th. In the meantime I am employed part time and falling behind on all my monthly payments. I am hardworking and reliable. I am dedicated to paying my bills on time and would like to continue to do so. Thank you for your consideration. AB31.10.2017
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