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 PictureScreen Name Loan TypeLoan amount Loan Intrest Loan Period Loan ReasonProv Listing Date Action
narenPersonal Loan3000018,0060 Monthsi am discharged in sept 2009ON19.07.2010 13:00:47
TR820Personal Loan70003,0012 MonthsLooking for a Personal Loan.ON19.07.2010 09:47:59
Regular Listings    
PictureScreen NameLoan TypeLoan AmountLoan InterestLoan PeriodLoan ReasonProvListing DateAction
MalcolmPersonal Loan5000599,0060 MonthsI am in desperate need of a personal loan to set my financial situation straight I have a number of small small pay day loans that are eating up my pay checks giving me a number of nfs in my bank account I'm asking please for help to get rid of all the debt that I will occur if something is not done as soon as possible I fear my job and life are at jepordy I have made a lot of bad decisions in the resent past and I would like desperately to correct them I'm on my last end and really appreciate aAB18.03.2018
jwilking15Personal Loan200300,0024 MonthsDesperately in need of some money to pay my bills until the rest of my student grant is deposited. Willing to pay extremely high interest rates and will do ANYTHING to get this $200 by the end of todayAB16.03.2018
Michaelrask5656Personal Loan200025,0012 MonthsEmergency loan, recently switched jobs and disfigured my financial situation, and recently applied for another installment loan and was scammed out of 1000BC13.03.2018
DannielaPersonal Loan1000030,0060 MonthsI would like to pay off some old debt. SK9.03.2018
Tammy-leePersonal Loan30025,0012 MonthsAm on disability looking for small loan 1000 pay back over 12 or sooner. I receive 1395 per month. Rent is 525. Have hydro bill phone bill. No other bills. I can afford 150 a month pay back on loan. ON8.03.2018
sarahstein100Personal Loan20003,0012 Months QC7.03.2018
sarahstein100Personal Loan20003,0012 Months QC7.03.2018
jonlongePersonal Loan350056,0060 Months AB7.03.2018
Chelsey Anderson Personal Loan300009,0012 YearsDebt consolidation AB6.03.2018
Newman19Personal Loan150006,0060 Monthslooking to consolodate credit card debtMB28.02.2018
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